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Flooring Maintenance Services

With proper, professional maintenance, you can protect your flooring investment and extend the life of your commercial carpet or hard-surface floor.

For your floor-care needs, our experienced staff offer:


We’ll restore your old tile and grout to like-new condition with minimal down time, making regular maintenance by your staff much easier.


Using low-moisture technology, we clean and protect your carpet and have them dry within 30 minutes. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning, our approach does not saturate your carpet, meaning you have little down-time, and no risk of degrading your carpet adhesive. Our equipment is portable, so security is not an issue, as there will be no hoses running through your space or doors being propped open.


We use Micron coatings, which provide exceptional performance.  These strong, ultra-thin floor coatings resist scratches, abrasions and stains. Micron coatings protect your floors and keep them easy to keep clean, requiring only infrequent re-coating.

Maintenance for a Healthy Work Environment

Indoor air quality problems cost an employer in health care, absenteeism, decreased production time and lost revenue. Microorganisms are a major cause of common indoor air quality issues. Regular maintenance of your flooring products can reduce the amount of microorganisms, preventing exposure and improving the work environment. Breathe easier!

A Comprehensive Flooring Maintenance Plan

Based on traffic patterns and usage, each area of your facility will require a different level and type of flooring maintenance and care. We will identify your overall facility needs and recommend the best maintenance plan moving forward so your floors always look their best.